A new romance?

Silver Age romance comic coverI have just discovered Google Analytics. I don’t want to jinx this early relationship or anything, but I think I could fall in love with this guy — *ahem* I mean, “service.”

Sure, I’ve heard about Google Analytics for ages, but I’ve never had to use it. But now that I’m in more of a marketing role, I need to be concerned with metrics and KPIs and ROI and lot of other acronyms that management cares about. But really, I wish I could have used this ages ago, when I was in my more “corporate” communications role.

See, I love data. Not numbers per se, but I do love making the connections between the numbers and how they can be used to measure people’s interest. I think maybe I get some of that from my father (rest in peace, Dad), who was a database analyst and a data warehousing expert before data warehousing was cool. I wouldn’t want to do what he did, but some of his talk about how x relates to y and lets you come to conclusion z must have sunk in over the years.

Like I said, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But I do think this could be the start of a beautiful romance between GA and I. As soon as I figure out how to really get the most out of him — I mean, “it.”


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